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the millennial struggle is (mostly) color-blind

The HR Beast

Warning: If you are a proud HR ((((professional)))), kindly piss off. There it is - the job posting you've been waiting for. You meet the requirements, you spend time tailoring your resume to exact specifications and details of the job... Continue Reading →


Job Scam Alert: The New Trend of Preying on Desperate Millenial Job-seekers

As much as your happy-go-lucky, well-connected peers or your boomer parents may deny it: Jobs. Are. Scarce. Otherwise, why would there be a growing trend of scammers using job postings to extract your personal information (back in the early 2000s,... Continue Reading →

Millennial Ranting: The Blog

Welcome to Disgruntled Black Millennial. The blog title is meant to describe myself, but I'm sure it describes many of you who found this page - early 20s to early 30s, disillusioned by a world that is nothing what you... Continue Reading →

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