Welcome to Disgruntled Black Millennial. The blog title is meant to describe myself, but I’m sure it describes many of you who found this page – early 20s to early 30s, disillusioned by a world that is nothing what you thought it would be, dealing with frequent bouts of depression and struggling to find your place in society before it leaves you behind completely. Now this isn’t a blog particularly for disgruntled BLACK millennials – it’s for ALL disgruntled millennials. We are many, we are angry and we are half-past fed up. Unlike many areas in life, millennial problems are unique to no one in this generation, no matter color or language or gender. None of us can escape the ravaging maw of the global economy, or the swirling vortex of culture and decency, or the fact that sexual history has become a deciding issue in the 2016 United States election and Donald Trump could become leader of the free world. But I digress…

Besides me being bitter, petty and rude, I hope that this can be a place where we can vent, relate, share ideas, be inspired, or lose all hope – anything goes. What you can expect content-wise is me going all out on the most common frustrations expressed by our generation: jobs and labyrinth-tier hiring processes, college and student loans, finances, stunted adulthood, alternative ways to find fulfillment and more. Just be warned that not everything I write about will serve the purpose of self-help or solutions. Some of my opinions may sound downright ridiculous, but I bet you will agree with much of it. However, there is a slight purpose to the blog name, and I do plan to write about topics that are unique to the black experience as a millennial. You can always list ideas for content in the commemts section, as well as any feedback! I know the blog isn’t too pretty now, but I’ll be working on it as time goes on.

Back to the job boards I go (for no reason most likely)