Warning: If you are a proud HR ((((professional)))), kindly piss off.

There it is – the job posting you’ve been waiting for. You meet the requirements, you spend time tailoring your resume to exact specifications and details of the job posting, you pour your heart out into an eloquently written cover letter – you just HAVE to be contacted, at the least! But…

When you check your emails in the morning

Nope. Nothing. Nada. You even find the job posting back up a few days later. Who the (bleep) do these people think they are? Are they even doing a job here?

I’ve heard tons of messed up HR practices over the years. The type of things that make you say “Why bother?”…..and if true, why should you? Let’s take a look at some:

HR has family/friends on tap

With so many people seeking employment, you’re pretty much ALWAYS going to lose to nepotism. And chances are, you’re going to lose out to strings of gutter trash that won’t keep the job for longer than a month…..yeah I said it. Nepotism has to be the reason behind the sheer incompetence people have to deal with every time one needs to visit a government office or business. This is why the internet is winning. But let it be known, I’m not against people giving their loved ones a come up, BUT DO IT AT YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

Unreasonable standards

What? The symbolism is spot on.

On the flip side to my opening paragraph, you have the notoriously strict job requirements. You know, the highly specialized degree, 5+ years of experience and a rainbow of certificates for $30,000/yr or something. Oh and don’t bother applying if your old job had Dell computers – this company uses HP! You drove a WHITE pickup at your old job for 10 years? Sorry, this company requires at least 5 years of driving a RED pickup. Oh, you don’t know EVERYTHING that you’ll have to do before you start? You want 5 minutes of training? DEAL BREAKER! Sure, I get that there’s a lot of applications to sift through, but stop ridiculing the applicants and treating people like undignified animals – well I guess that’s why you’re called ’Human Resources’. We’re literally chattel to you.

Advertising job vacancies is a legal requirement – the hiring process rarely goes beyond that

So even if the company knows fully well who they’re going to hire, HR has to do its ((((job)))) with the worst offense being, bringing you and several others into an interview for a job that’s already taken. How these deceptive demons are able to carry on such a charade and sleep at night is beyond me.

Repeat job posting (as mentioned before)

I suppose a legitimate reason to repost a job is if no one that applied qualified for it, but personally, I’ve applied to a couple of jobs in which I’ve met all requirements only to find it re-posted multiple times. One time, I emailed the department, asking nicely if they were still hiring for X position, pointing out that I saw the job posting put up multiple times. Now I don’t care to work somewhere that I’m not wanted, but I assure you they got on their ass and I didn’t see the posting again. And I do realize that jobs are re-posted automatically sometimes, but if a job has to re-post 5+ times, then you’re not doing your job, and you’re probably unorganized as (bleep) and not worth working with. But hey, it’s HR, they don’t have a real job.


I APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING! My fellow non-connected millennials, there’s only a few ways to win this game. You don’t play, by being a vengeful, resource-sucking, welfare NEET that will never pay back student loans (easiest); MOVE. If you don’t have kids, move NOW. Connect with others in opportunity-rich cities. Figure out a way, because being stuck in an opportunity desert won’t change your situation; you can do everything you can to rise above competition with ‘passables’ (people that can get away with being in positions they’re not qualified for because the skills are soft enough) which will require gaining specialized skills – whether you do this through more schooling or the internet, chances are you have plenty of time for it. You should always be trying to learn new things. Don’t let the years pass you by without development.